Negotiation Updates

2021-2022 UPDATES

November 9, 2021 Session #7

All in all, it was a very successful session!

I encourage you all to come to negotiations and observe the process. I will tell you, the climate in the room is not at all like the past three years. It is pleasant and productive.

We started with MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding). MOUs have an end date and will not be embedded into the contract beyond the end date.

  •  Covid Sick leave - District agreed to extend Covid sick leave!!!  They have the funding source. Teachers will be afforded ten (10) days, retroactive to August 2nd, for days used for quarantine or isolation for the employee, child, spouse or any relative living in the household. District originally allotted 350K dollars and tonight expanded it to $500K. Employee will be credited days back to their sick leave bank and will have 30 days from ratification to apply for the credit. Verification of need for quarantine or isolation from the health department will be required. The complete MOU will be posted on the MCEA website when we get a digital copy. Please hold your questions on this.
  • Interim Continuity of Learning Plan for COVID-Related Absences - If a teacher is present but one or more of his/her enrolled students are quarantined at home due to COVID-19, the teacher shall provide access to live classroom instruction through the use of video and audio via Zoom. This is NOT, in any way shape or form, the platform we used last year. The teacher will only have to have the Zoom on when instruction is taking place so that the student(s) may hear the instruction/lecture.
  • Disaster Relief Payment - Subject to approval from the FLDOE, for the specific use of allocated funds provided through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER II) funds, the MCSD shall pay eligible bargaining unit members a one-time, non-recurring payment of $1000 (gross, prior to taxes). In order to be eligible for this payout, a bargaining unit member must have been employed at least half of the 2020-21 school year plus one day and have been employed as of January 4, 2021. The employee must have been re-employed and actively employed at the time of payment. The employee must not be on an Unpaid Leave of Absence during the pay period associated with the payment; any person on such unpaid leave at the time of payment shall receive the payout upon that person’s return to work. Those employees who have already received the funding from the Governor or State of Florida are not eligible. Payment of these funds shall be paid out upon approval from the FLDOE and ratification of this MOU.

ALL MOUs are pending ratification.


MCEA re-openers of the contract:

XI.1 Sick Leave:

* The District rejected the MCEA proposal to expand sick leave payout to those MBUs (members of bargaining unit) hired after July 1, 2011.

* The District was amenable to the MCEA proposal allowing qualifying employees (see XI.I H) to receive terminal sick leave payout upon retirement or resignation. Employee must retire or resign at the end of a semester and give prior by the following dates: By November 1st in order to retire or resign on December 31st of that year, or by May 1st in order to retire or resign on June 30th of that year. The Superintendent may waive these requirements.

* The District agreed to MCEA language regarding Compassionate leave- employees may donate regardless of the number of days they personally used in a given year as long as they have a balance of at least thirty (30) days.

VIII - Evaluations

Talks are ongoing regarding the rotation of evaluators and the MBUs right to change evaluators after a cycle. The MCEA also proposed that the site Administration must present an evaluation schedule prior to the end of the school year and that teacher could change evaluator, upon written request, also prior to the end of the school year.

VIII.K.6 - FTE - At the last session, District proposed to strike language regarding the ability of teacher to drop students from calculation due to excessive absences. MCEA provided rationale for having this flexibility. Discussion will continue next session.

District re-openers:

  • VI.4 Covering classes - In session four (4), District proposed to allow for combining of classes when a substitute is not available. MCEA rejected the language in session five (5). Today we had a constructive conversation. We will discuss again during session eight (8).
  • VI.5 In session four (4), District proposed to strike all language regarding Faculty Council. In session five (5), MCEA countered with language which we felt was more applicable to the intent of a Faculty Council and with a broader scope. District rejected our language and countered with new Faculty Council language. There is definitely much compromise going on here and the (antiquated) language is getting better for both parties.
  • VI.6 In-service points - MCEA wants to ensure that MBUs get their PD points credited in a timely manner. District recognizes that there has been a problem with procedures regarding PD points. They have already begun to streamline the process. There will be continued discussion at the next session.
  • VII.I Transfers, Reduction and Recall - District proposed many changes in this article. Much of it was clean-up as there was much ambiguity. The goal is to clean up the language and provide consistency. The MCEA Bargaining Team needs to review this proposal before I can even report on its content.

2020-2021 Session #18 - MCEA and MCSD Reach an Agreement!

After five hours of contract negotiations this evening, the MCSD and the MCEA has come to a tentative agreement on our contract. We have been bargaining MOU Safe Schools re-opening language since July 14th. It would be unrealistic for me to address each piece of language.  We have been going back and forth on issues; both sides made tweaks and compromises to language. At this point in the year, we basically agreed to do what we have been doing, with protections to teachers.  The MOU has an end date with the school year.
What teachers are most interested in is the salary schedule. Each side made two counter proposals tonight after caucusing.  In the end, the Board would not agree to our final proposal. In fact, they increased the starting salary with an additional $300. We argued to give that increase, $300, to teachers in the middle of the salary schedule, but they would not budge.
Here is the breakdown:
Starting teacher salary will be $45,200 (1A). Moving through the cells, $10 will be added to reduce compression through 7C.
  • The cells do NOT represent years of service. Pay for Performance has influenced the actual cell that you are on.
  • We will be sending out the new salary schedule once printed
Teachers on cells 8A through 17C will receive an $800 raise(add-on)
Teachers on cells 18A- 32C will receive $1000.
I realize this is confusing. However, the paper document passed around the table was in paragraph format, not a salary schedule. Once we have the schedule, it will be posted.
  • Salary will be retroactive to current employees. Employees on FMLA will receive the payout upon return
Other language tentatively agreed upon:
  • Health insurance adjustment to change part time status to 30 hours with pro-rated insurance
  • Continue with 26 paycheck system
The District proposed to strike language to allow teachers to leave 10 minutes after student day on the day preceding a holiday. The MCEA rejected this language.
The District proposed language to prevent the taking of a personal day the Friday before a Monday paid holiday. The MCEA rejected this language.
In the end, the District accepted our rejections and the contract was tentatively agreed upon.
In order to avoid further delay of payment of raises for the current school, the MCEA Team tentatively agreed to the District’s final proposal.
This contract will be up for ratification in the next couple of weeks. We encourage you to vote.
Your building Reps will be holding a meeting to explain the details once they are briefed.
Thank you to everyone for coming out, for being vocal, and for engaging in the process. Your presence in the room was noticed by members on BOTH SIDES OF THE TABLE.

In solidarity,
Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association

Session #17 - Negotiations

March 11th 4p.m.500 E. Ocean Ave Main Board Room

Session #16 - MCEA at the Table

On Thursday, February 4th, the MCEA Bargaining team headed back to the table to continue negotiations with the District. There were two items of discussion—the salary schedule and the Safe Schools Re-Opening MOU. Here is a summary:
  • The MCEA and Martin County School District (MCSD) have agreed to extending the Covid Relief days (FFCRA), as well as to a mirror of the Millage agreement in place. So that teachers may utilize Covid days, we agreed that we would put these two items out for ratification as soon as possible. The same rules will apply as in the original language by the Federal Government. It is important to note that if teachers already exhausted their days, they will not be afforded additional days. If a teacher used half, for example, they have half left. The District has set aside $185k for this fund. Once exhausted, we will revisit the situation. This will be retroactive to January 1st, 2021
  • Teachers who resigned from employment with MCSD between March 15th 2020 and November 30th 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, shall be entitled to the following if they become re-employed in same or similar position by School District on or before August 3 2021
  • Accrued sick leave earned prior to the termination which remains unused. To qualify for any subsequent terminal pay for sick leave, the employee must retire or resign at the end of the school year and give ninety(90) days notice.
  • If re-employed by the District, the time period between the day of resignation and the employee’s return to service will not be considered as a break in service for purposes of regular pay or accrual of leave, meaning that the employee will be returned to the employee’s last base salary prior to the resignation. * Per Florida statute, the teacher would lose their PSC status, if they held it prior to resignation.
  • District accepted our language regarding evaluations and remote learning with minor language clean-up. (This language was posted in a previous communication)
  • The District rejected our language regarding cameras in the classroom. However, the MOU expires at the end of the 2020-2021 school year and we have contract language already embedded in our collective bargaining agreement.
  • District’s last proposal, in January, reduced the compression of the steps so that teachers on step zero (0) would not be making the same as a teacher on step 1 through steps fourteen(14). Money was added to each step to avoid the compression. The District also used money from the general fund to bring non-classroom teachers, e.g. guidance, coaches, deans, etc. up to the same salary as their classroom teacher colleagues. This was certainly a step in the right direction. However, 54% of the teachers, above step fourteen (14) would only be receiving a $700 increase. District proposed a three year deal with no further increases to salary schedule. (This proposal did not take into account possible negotiated performance raises, which at this time, is an unknown).
  • The MCEA on Thursday, proposed an $1800 increase to all teachers who did not receive the Governor’s money or did not receive at least $1800. The MCSD expressed extreme disappointment with MCEA’s proposal, saying it was “a slap in the face” to the District. We expressed that a mere $700 to veteran teachers was the real slap in the face.
While the MCEA is truly supportive of the increases (upwards of 16%) to newer teachers in the District, it is unacceptable for the District to not consider the veteran teachers, who stand to get an increase of a mere 1%. We believe that the District should go into their reserves, the rainy day funds, as all of the teachers are weathering a tremendous storm. Our teachers are showing up every day to educate their students under the most trying circumstances. We have done all that has been asked of us. Where would they be without us
Please continue to support our Team as we bargain for the rights of all teachers. The MCEA and the MCSD will be meeting next week to review the numbers that were recently presented by MCEA so that both parties are clear. We will be scheduling another negotiation’s session as well.
As a side note- Clay county veteran teachers were offered $700 as a final offer by District. The Bargaining Unit voted it down by 84%. So, they have to go back to the table and resume negotiations. That is what unity is all about.
I know that our District can do better. Please be patient!

Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association

Session #15 - Negotiations

MCEA Team at the Table - January 20th, 2021
  • The MCSD presented language to continue Covid days with same criteria and procedures of the previous mandate. This agreement would be for MCEA members as well as ASFCME(blue/white collar). The District proposed to have a fund of $185K for use for both bargaining units for members who have not used days or have days remaining. This is a good proposal. The MCEA tentatively agreed to this. It needs to go to the AFSCME unit before we formally agree.
  • The MCEA presented our proposal for the Millage stipends. The only change made was for those teachers who retire at the end of the school year. They would be paid out at the end of the school year,rather than September 1st. This change is prudent as it will save money in penalty fees as retirees need to have their calculations up to date when they retire.
  • The MCEA cleaned up language with our Safe Schools re-opening proposals. We added language that would allow teachers, who had to resign or retire prematurely due to Covid, to collect their sick leave payout even though they may not have met the contractual deadlines.
  • The District presented a new salary schedule. In order to avoid total compression(all teachers years 0-14 making same salary) the District evened out base amount to $44,900 and added $100 to separate steps. Raises varied based on years of experience, with those making less getting more of a percentage raise. The District would be contributing $1,216,827 from their general fund. Non- classroom teachers would receive the same raises as classroom teachers. This is a step in the right direction. The spreadsheets are quite extensive. Our team and the FEA Bargaining Specialist and Regional Specialist need to anayize the numbers.
The Bargaining Team will be meeting with the Regional Specialist on January 26th to go over the District's new proposal.
We have not yet set a date for our next session.
Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association

Session #13 - MCEA at the Table, December 10th 2020

December 10th, 2020
The MCEA and the District re-convened last night. At the previous session, on November 16th, MCEA submitted proposal # 6 for the Opening of Schools MOU, now renamed Safe Schools. We originally presented eighteen language items. We rewrote and deleted some language as so much time has passed since we started bargaining the “Opening of Schools” MOU, that the language no longer applied.  We expected counter language from the District last evening. However, after almost four weeks since last session, District only responded with more questions. They’ve yet to present language. Negotiations started mid-July. District has only stricken language or asked questions.
In addition, at the last session, the MCEA revised the Millage language and proposed changes to the dates for disbursement of the money. We proposed a first time HALF payment on June 30th and the remainder on or before December 15th. Our rationale here was to award half the stipend to teachers who had taught the previous school year, but for whatever reason, did not return for the subsequent school year, whether due to resignation or non-renewal.  These teachers would not be eligible for the December payout. This first payout would help teachers who struggle in the summer without a paycheck. It would also retain money in the millage coffers for teachers who returned to District or have been retained for the next school year. Some teachers received the award on September 1st then left soon after. The goal was for recruitment and retainment.
The District was amenable to splitting the disbursement. However, they proposed to have the first half paid out on September 15, two week later than in the original agreement and then the other half on or before December 15th. The District went in the wrong direction. This is no benefit to our members. We will not accept this. We asked the District for an earlier date for the first payout.
At this time, we do not have a date for the next session. It will be in January. Once a date has been set, you will be notified.
Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association

Session #12 - MCEA at the Table

November 16th, 2020
The MCEA and the District resumed negotiations on Monday. We met face to face for the first time since April. There was no Facebook live provided, but we will push for its availability for the session on November 30th, at 5 p.m.  Anyone may attend the live session at the District office. I strongly encourage it! As you know, the District declared impasse regarding the Governor’s teacher raise money. However, that does not preclude us from bargaining other matters at hand, specifically the re-opening of school’s language, now called, Safe Schools for Learning.  Below is a recap of the session and MCEA's 6th counter proposal.
The MCEA team cleaned up the language that was previously presented. We withdrew some language that is no longer relevant, i.e., language requesting Covid data in our schools. The District has already set up a dashboard on their website. The Millage MOU, which needs a second ratification, was discussed. We proposed a change to the payout dates on the Millage. The District asked questions for clarification. They are expected to respond on November 30th.
Moving forward, we are preparing for the next bargaining session on November 30th and for impasse. A special magistrate has been selected, a process whereby each party, one at a time, rejects a magistrate, until we are left with one who is acceptable by both parties. There was a group of seven. Prior to an official impasse hearing, the MCEA has requested a mediation, also chaired by the selected Magistrate.
I will keep you posted on the Impasse hearing once a date is set. Please support your MCEA Team on November 30th!
Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association
Safe Schools for Learning
Memorandum of Agreement
1. The parties recognize that employees may have a legally protected disability or other right to an accommodation or leave under applicable law, contract, or Board policy.  Employee requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  • a. The MCEA requests a weekly update of ALL cases (by school site) going back to August 7th, 2020. Moving forward, this is a rolling request and numbers should be provided/updated every Monday.
  • b. Employees who have had to resign or take leave due to COVID shall be offered a position and be permitted to return to District when it is safe to return to school with no break in service. The placement shall be in the previous school when available or if the teacher in the position is on interim status.
  • c. Due to the unsafe conditions, especially for those teachers with underlying conditions, high risk factors or teachers who are caring for family members with underlying conditions or  high risk factors, the Superintendent shall grant waivers under article XI.1 H. 3, for all teachers finding it necessary, for health reasons, to retire early.  
2. Employee Leave: The District will comply with existing and future state or federal leave provisions including but not limited to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).
  • a. Teachers who apply for any leave shall be sent the necessary paperwork and have it processed within five (5) days.
  • b. Due to COVID, The Board and the Association mutually agree to waive the conditions herein and grant personal leave without pay to bargaining unit members for one (1) year without loss of status.
3. Official Health Guidelines shall be followed when employees are required to report to a building site unless exigent circumstances necessitate otherwise.
4. Remote Learning Recording
  • a. In no circumstances will video recordings of teachers be made or used as part of an evaluation without the advance knowledge and written consent of MCEA and the employee.
  • b. Students that record a teacher without their knowledge or permission may be subject to discipline according to the District's disciplinary plan and in accordance with state and federal law.
  • c. Observation of a teacher’s remote class by parents, shall be allowed only after consent of the building principal and 24 hours’ notice, unless the teacher otherwise agrees to less notice. Each observation time shall be no longer than one (1) hour unless agreed upon in advance between the parent(s) and teacher per article V.5 of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • d. If video cameras are to be utilized in classrooms to provide live or recorded instruction, all the following shall apply:
  1. The data shall not be recorded or stored by the District unless agreed to by the teacher.
  2. The District will ensure student and personal privacy including, but not limited to, FERPA and public records laws.
  3. Teachers are to be held harmless for any malfunction of said equipment provided the malfunction was not caused by negligence.
  4. Teachers are to be held harmless for any remote student behaviors that are streamed to the entire classroom.
  5. Teachers shall utilize one of the District approved and provided digital programs, including but not limited to, Zoom.
  6. As these cameras were utilized due to a temporary emergency, they must be removed when it is no longer necessary for lessons to be provided live due to COVID-19 or with the expiration of this MOU, whichever occurs first.   
5. Remote Learning Access
  • a. Administrative visits to remote learning classes are not for the purposes of evaluations.
  • b. The evaluation process will be conducted in person when possible.
6. Supplies - The District will ensure that each worksite has PPE, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer. These supplies will be available for instructional staff use. If supplies are not available, employees shall report the specific supplies that are not available to the site principal.

7. Evaluations for 2020-21 shall proceed per Florida Statutes and any DOE guidance.

8. The District shall follow DOE guidelines for waivers related to COVID-19.

9. Working conditions – Temperature checks to enter daily and questionnaires are acceptable. The District will protect collected medical information in compliance with HIPAA.

This MOA shall sunset at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, up to and including the last day of summer program. This MOA shall not continue or continue in effect beyond then.  Both parties reserve the right to reopen this MOU should additional congressional acts or executive orders occur.  All other provisions of the collective bargaining agreement remain in full effect.

Dated this_____ of _______________2020

_____________________________________                     __________________________________
School District                                                                                   Union

Session #11 - MCEA at the Table

October 19th, 2020
The District did not make any counter proposals to the MCEA’s previous two proposals. They are not budging with their first proposal. The MCEA presented our third proposal. Bargaining a salary schedule is rarely achieved in one session. The MCEA has listened to the goal of the District. I believe that we have met them more than halfway.
The District’s proposal, using the governor’s 80% of the allocation, gives raises to teachers on steps 0-14, raises of between $6283- $283. Starting salary would be $44,883 for all teachers with years of experience between 0-14.  The remaining 20% of the dollars is minimal and must cover about 54% of the teachers. First, the non-classroom teachers, 212 members, must be brought up to the level of those that received raises from the 80% allocation. This takes up a big chunk of the 20%. Teachers at the bottom would be allocated large raises, $6283 and then lower raises as they went up in years, proportionality, to keep up with their classroom teacher equal.
After those calculations, there is VERY little left for veteran teachers. The estimate by District is .889% raise per teacher.
The MCEA’s recent proposal using Governor’s money brought starting salary to $43,700.  Each cell had a $100 differential moving up on the schedule.  We took those teachers, Steps 12-14, who received minimal raises, $283-$1783, and brought them up to an $1800 raise. Then, all teachers on steps remaining would get $1800 raise.
This package would cost the District approximately $937,000 out of the general fund. This is only .5% of the general fund. It is affordable.  We believe that we ARE meeting the intent of bill 641, recruitment and RETENTION.
This third proposal was rejected.
In the end, there appeared to be a bit of confusion on the part of the District that this was our salary proposal. We consistently emphasized that we had no appetite to bargain the salary schedules separately (Governor’s money and salary schedule as a whole). We are in synchronicity mode.
It is worth noting that the MCEA’s School opening proposals, presented in August and in September have not been recognized. In fact, much of our language was stricken completely in August with the response that they would have a counter at the next session. We are four sessions in from those proposals, and our language has been ignored completely. NO COUNTERS.
We are two weeks into the 2nd quarter of school and we have no School Re-Opening MOU. Shameful!
Please attend our next session, which is to be determined. Make comments in the chat. Ask questions in the chat. They will not be answered, per protocol, but the District WILL see that you are watching. Listening. Waiting.
We all deserved to be treated with respect. How much are we valued, really???
Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association


October 19th, 4:40
Link provided. You are invited to a Zoom webinar. When: Oct 19, 2020 04:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Topic: MCEA Impact Bargaining - Zoom Webinar - 10/19/2020 @ 4:40 PM

Session #10 - MCEA at the Table

October 6th, 2020
The MCEA presented language for school re-opening MOU on August 6th, August 27th and September17th, which was our 5th counter. Our language regarding teachers with underlying conditions was completely stricken by the District when we met on August 27th. They indicated that they would counter at the next session. They did not. We added additional language on September 17th. The District has completely ignored the language. Instead, they are focusing only on the Governor’s raise money.
The District proposal raised the base salary to $44,883. So, starting teachers all the way up to teachers with fourteen (14) years of experience would be at the same salary.
As stated in the previous re-cap, the MCEA proposed that all teachers get $2200. In doing this, the District would have to go into the general funds to come up with approximately $750K. The District rejected our proposal.
The MCEA presented our proposal again with some changes. The District rejected it. The negotiator for the District indicated that the District would not be using money from the general fund. The Superintendent said that the Board has not talked about “regular” negotiations yet. Raises to the schedule that do not include the Governor’s money must be negotiated synchronously.
The chief negotiator prefaced several times that the Millage that the veteran teachers get is substantial. Essentially inferring that veteran teachers are still getting more than the raises to the base. We did explain that those supplements are just that, money to supplement the salaries that we get from the District. I strongly believe that the taxpayers of Martin County did not count on their dollars being used as a substitute to the employer responsibility of giving raises to their employees.
The District claimed that they put forth their complete proposal on September 17th. At the time, they indicated that it was simply a presentation. On Oct 6th, it was affirmed that it remains their official proposal. It included their proposal of what could be done with the 20% for veteran teachers, as well as non-classroom teachers, who, per statute, are excluded from the 80% bucket.
The non-classroom piece is a bit complicated, but we have many teachers who are in this situation.
Example- Guidance counselors new to District and were hired at $38,600- The bill states that they are non-classroom teachers so not eligible for the raise from the 80% bucket which is $2,494,502. Instead, their increase of $6283 would have to come from the 20% bucket, which is $623,625, The group of teachers in the 20% amounts to approximately 700. The group of teachers from the 80% bucket amounts to approximately 600.
All non-classroom teachers must get their increases first. Then the rest of the teachers, those making more than $44, 883 would get a raise of 0.8875% to their base salary.
We are scheduled to go back to the table on October 19th @ 4:40. The link will be sent to school email. Please join us!
Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association

Bargaining Update

September 30th, 2020
The MCEA Team met with the MCSD this evening to continue negotiations. The focus tonight was on the SB 641, Governor’s teacher raises. Last session, the District gave a presentation regarding the Governor’s allocation. As stated in previous communications, the allocations given to most Districts was not enough to raise starting salary to the goal of $47,500. For many Districts it wasn’t even close—Martin County was no exception.
There are two pots of money. 80% of the allocation goes to classroom teachers only, earning under $47500. The other 20% goes to the rest of the group, teachers earning more than $47,500 and non-classroom teachers, e.g., guidance, deans, media specialists.
The District’s plan was to compress the salary schedule. All of the money would go to the bottom of the schedule. In other words, teachers having years of experience ranging from zero to fourteen (14) would earn the exact same salary. Teachers with fifteen years and more would not get a raise. A teacher with fifteen years of experience would make $7 more a year than a teacher with no experience.
FEA started a campaign back in January, Fund Our Future. The goal was to raise teacher salaries in Florida—All teacher salaries. While we do applaud the Legislature for finally recognizing our teachers, it is evident that they did not recognize all teachers. They are leaving out about half of our profession.
The MCEA proposed a schedule that honors the experience of all teachers and provides equitable raises across the board. Our proposal gave all teachers a bump on the schedule to the next cell and a raise of approximately $2200.
The District caucused. They will counter at our next bargaining session. The next sessions have been scheduled for October 5th and 7th at 4:30 p.m.
Additionally, the MCEA will be sending out at survey to home emails for feedback on these proposals, as well as the millage disbursement.  Give us a few days to send out the survey.
Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association

Covid Impact Bargaining August 27th 2020 5 p.m.SUMMARY Join us!

August 27th, 2020
Many items were tentatively agreed on in the last session. The following issues were agreed upon this evening:
8- If we switch to District wide Remote learning, the parties will meet to negotiate the impact of change.
9 Worksite Duty- language strike- current contract language in force
11- The District professional development will continue to be available in accordance with state and federal law.
13. Supplies - The District will ensure that each worksite has PPE, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer. These supplies will be available for instructional staff use. If supplies are not available, employees shall report the specific supplies that are not available to the site principal.
14. Evaluations for 2020-21 will proceed per Florida Statutes and any DOE guidance.
15. The District will follow DOE guidelines for waivers related to COVID-19
 The District struck most of our language for item #1, Protections for teachers with high risk/caring for high risk, including transfers and recall of employees. The red strike throughs do not show when I copy and paste. There was red through all of it.
1. The parties recognize that employees at high-risk for serious complications from Covid-19 may need to work remotely. Employees that identify as high-risk or are caring for high-risk family members may request a remote assignment and the district will work with them on their remote status. Employees may have a legally protected disability or other right to an accommodation or leave under applicable law, contract or Board policy and employees will be advised on their rights under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Employee requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. If it is not possible for a person in this situation to work remotely, then an emergency transfer shall be considered.
Emergency Transfers and Recall – High risk employees who cannot perform their duties remotely, may volunteer for any positions at the district run virtual program or other positions for which they are qualified and/or certified as a priority placement. Employees who volunteer and are placed in a new position using this process, shall be recalled to their original position once it is safe for them to do so. If no such position is available, then they shall be informed of their right to utilize the Covid-19 leave provisions.
6. Lesson plans- MCEA will propose additional language at the next session
12. Regarding essential employee status- MCEA asked questions, requested clarification, as well as the legal citation that give District authority to support their claim.
The MCEA Team will be meeting on September 1st to draft our proposals. Thanks to all who watched on FB live! The support is appreciated!
Bargaining Team: Gary Simmons - Director and Chief Negotiator, Thomas Lentz - Regional Specialist FEA, Karen Resciniti - President MCEA, teacher at SFHS, Sue Rao - VP MCEA, teacher at Seawind,  Lani Bartsch - Secretary MCEA, teacher at Willoughby, Pat Holts - E-board member, teacher at Seawind,  Kelley Haddox - E-Board MCEA, teacher at IMS, Matt Theobald - Teacher at MCHS,
Karen Resciniti, President
Martin County Education Association

Negotiations Update

On February 25, 2020 MCEA and MCSD reached an agreement on the 2019-2020 collective Bargaining Agreement. Below are the Tentative Agreements reached in the five sessions:
Article II.2 Work Year
6. Early Release- The District struck the number of days designated for early release and proposed,  " When student early release days are sheduled by the Board approved calendar, the time after student release on these days shall be utilized for professional delvelopment. and/or collaborative planning, at the principal's descretion, who shall consider recommendation(s) approved by the early release committee. The MCEA countered with language in red print.
7. FLEX day- There was confusion on the interpretation of earning and use of the FLEX day. It was clarified in the new language. Teachers may earn a FLEX day in whole or half and may use the FLEX day in whole or in half on either or both of the remaining teacher work days, beginning either when the school site opens in the morning, or work the second half of the flex day in accordance with the applicable school site schedule.
II.3 Pay schedule- Changing to  twenty -four(24) bi-monthly pays for all employees.
II.6 Job Sharing- Clean-up added by MCEA. The District removed language that required three continuous years in MCSD as well as satisfactory evaluations.
VII.2 Voluntary Transfers- The last day for voluntary transfer is the last work day in June(based on non-bargaining 248 day calendar)
Compensation and Pay- All members of the Bargaining Unit(MBU) will receive a one-time stipend of 3% of his or her current base pay.
Best and Brightest- For category Four(recognition) elgible instructional staff( there is no descrimination against media specialist, IPS coaches, etc) is defined as those who did not receive a B&B award under recruitment or retention will receive the recognition award based on Highly effective 2 1/2 shares and effective is 1 share.
All of the language will be sent electronically via school email to all MBUs once it is reviewed by both parties. An email will also be sent out with the ratification date.

Session # 6- March 4th @ 4 p.m.  cancelled
Session # 5 February 25th @ 4 p.m.
Session # 4 January 30th

* Chief Negotiator asked for rationale of 3%supplement, not raise
* What's the difference between a bonus and a supplement? District response- A supplement, like Millage supplement, is not based on performance
* Grievance language is aggressive
* Elimination of Evaluation Appeal- Having dialogue with Principal/Evaluator is better for relationships. To eliminate the process is not beneficial. It should go to committee

* Questioned our language on FLEX Day
* Best and Brightest Recognition award- Goes to intructional staff who did NOT get a Recruitment or Retention Bonus and who received highly effective or effective for 2018/19 and are employed by MCSD at time of payout
* District did not counter on MCEA language presented during sessions  # 1 and # 3

Session # 3- January 22nd
MCEA Counters
* Early release days used for professional development and collaborative planning at principal's discretion and recommendation of Early Release Committee
* Flex days- MCEA remove the time specific language. After all, it is a FLEX day
*Job Sharing- added language to ensure posting of positions
* MCEA had many questions about going to a 24 paycheck calendar
* Deferred on the Grievance language- needs to be examined
* Rejected the removal of Evaluation Appeal

District Proposals and Counters
* Offered 3% one time supplement to teachers' base salary for highly effective and effective teachers
* Presented the status of Best and Brightest for Recruitment and Retention. There is $709,332 left for Recognition category. This must be bargained.
* District questioned the MCEA striking of Flex day language(time specific). We said it is a FLEX day, it should be FLEXIBLE for the teacher.
Session # 3 Dec 4th cancelled
District Proposed language and budget presentation
* removed number of designated early release days- left up to scheduling of Calendar Committee
* Countered on MCEA for early release days to give principal discretion on use of early release time and collaborative planning
* Flex days- District countered that if you are using half a flex day it must start at the very beginning of the morning or end at very end of the day
* Proposed to go to a 24 paycheck schedule
* Struck all Grievance language and rewrote it. They eliminated Evaluation Appeal Language
* Proposed changing the Voluntary Transfer window to end on the last workday in June, based on a 248 employee calendar
* Job share language to provide more opportunity, fewer restrictions
* Offered a 1.5% one time bonus base on teachers base salary
The District did not counter on the MCEA proposals of November 12th
The Chief Negotiator for MCEA will be analyzing the budget proposal

Bargaining Update Session 1, November 12th:
 MCEA proposed language:  
* Proposed 4-6 Early release days- half of the days to be used for collaborative teacher planning with grade/subject level
* Transfer language to honor seniority within the District
* Language to protect teachers who teach EOC.IB/AP courses for the first time- VAM hold-harmless for two years

Placement schedule 2019-20 and raises 2018/19