Negotiation Updates

Negotiations Update

Session # 6- March 4th @ 4 p.m.
Session # 5 February 25th @ 4 p.m.
Session # 4 January 30th
Chief Negotiator asked for rationale of 3%supplement, not raise
* What's the difference between a bonus and a supplement? District response- A supplement, like Millage supplement, is not based on performance
* Grievance language is aggressive
* Elimination of Evaluation Appeal- Having dialogue with Principal/Evaluator is better for relationships. To eliminate the process is not beneficial. It should go to committee
* Questioned our language on FLEX Day
* Best and Brightest Recognition award- Goes to intructional staff who did NOT get a Recruitment or Retention Bonus and who received highly effective or effective for 2018/19 and are employed by MCSD at time of payout
* District did not counter on MCEA language presented during sessions  # 1 and # 3 
Session # 3- January 22nd
MCEA Counters
Early release days used for professional development and collaborative planning at principal's discretion and recommendation of Early Release Committee
* Flex days- MCEA remove the time specific language. After all, it is a FLEX day
*Job Sharing- added language to ensure posting of positions
* MCEA had many questions about going to a 24 paycheck calendar
* Deferred on the Grievance language- needs to be examined
* Rejected the removal of Evaluation Appeal 
District Proposals and Counters
* Offered 3% one time supplement to teachers' base salary for highly effective and effective teachers
* Presented the status of Best and Brightest for Recruitment and Retention. There is $709,332 left for Recognition category. This must be bargained.
* District questioned the MCEA striking of Flex day language(time specific). We said it is a FLEX day, it should be FLEXIBLE for the teacher.
Session # 3 Dec 4th- cancelled
District Proposed language and budget presentation
* removed number of designated early release days- left up to scheduling of Calendar Committee
* Countered on MCEA for early release days to give principal discretion on use of early release time and collaborative planning
* Flex days- District countered that if you are using half a flex day it must start at the very beginning of the morning or end at very end of the day
* Proposed to go to a 24 paycheck schedule
* Struck all Grievance language and rewrote it. They eliminated Evaluation Appeal Language
* Proposed changing the Voluntary Transfer window to end on the last workday in June, based on a 248 employee calendar
* Job share language to provide more opportunity, fewer restrictions
* Offered a 1.5% one time bonus base on teachers base salary
The District did not counter on the MCEA proposals of November 12th
The Chief Negotiator for MCEA will be analyzing the budget proposal
Bargaining Update Session 1, November 12th:
 MCEA proposed language:  
* Proposed 4-6 Early release days- half of the days to be used for collaborative teacher planning with grade/subject level
* Transfer language to honor seniority within the District
* Language to protect teachers who teach EOC.IB/AP courses for the first time- VAM hold-harmless for two years

Placement schedule 2019-20 and raises 2018/19