Article VIII Professional Evaluation

VIII.8 Impact of Employee Attendance on Marzano Element #59

Pursuant to 1012.61, Florida Statutes, employees are allotted ten sick leave days each year, up to six of which per year may be used as personal days. Any employee who is absent more than ten days (or equivalently, 75 hours) in a single year may have their score on Marzano Element #59 reduced according to the following table:
Amount of Time Missed Beyond Ten Days
Score on Marzano Element #59
0-3 days (0-22.5 hours)
3-10 days (22.6 – 75 hours)
11-20 days (75.1 – 150 hours)
21 or more days (150.1 or more hours)
Time missed beyond ten days due to medical need (FMLA, etc.), will not be counted against the employee for this purpose. An administrator who has reasonable suspicion that leave is being misused may require documentation or other verification of the circumstances requiring leave to be taken.


MCEA Mission Statement

MCEA is a not-for-profit professional teachers’ organization designed to advocate the advancement of a free public education for all; to empower and advance professional growth for educators; and to engage our members and our community in order to ensure that our students learn and succeed in a diverse world.

MCEA Executive Board Members 2017-2018

President - Karen Resciniti (SFHS) - JBHS, HOMS
Vice President - Mary Slavin (HSE) - PSE, JBE
Treasurer - Chad Stringer (SFHS) - AMS, MMS
Secretary - Julianne Gagliardo (CGE) - CGE, PCE
Elementary - Joyce Bussell (HSE) - HSE, BCE, PWE
Middle - VACANT
High - Bryan Johnson (MCHS) - MCHS, IMS, SMS
Non-Traditional Schools - Lani Bartsch (WLC) - RBA, SPEC, PERK, SLC
At Large - Candice Krogh (WFE) - WFE, CLE, FAWE, Pat Holts (SWE) - JDPE, VACANT - 

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