Contract Negotiations- Thursday December 11th 2020@ 5pm. Where: District office 500 E Ocean. There will not be a Facebook live for this session. Please come out and support your negotiations team!

Negotiations- Today, Wednesday, 4:45

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mcea calendar change

  We believe that this revised version of the draft calendar, adding days back to the two holiday weeks, ensures emotional support for all staff ,students and families. We have all been in lock down mode since March, most having the ability to see their families. Students absenteeism will be great and the desired instructional time will be lost. We hope that we will be back to normal in the Spring, so adding two days for instruction there will ensure more traditional instruction under optimum conditions. To make up more minutes, we think it wise to take away the E/R days, especially in the first semester.

                                                                            MCEA Calendar proposal

Due to unique challenges with the reopening of schools and our shared mutual interests, both parties agree to a delayed start to the 2020/2021 school year. In order to ensure a safe return to school, both parties agree to the following calendar changes. These changes allow schools to be better prepared for the Martin remote on-line learning option and implementation of new health and safety protocols.

Both parties agree to the following calendar changes:

  • Ten-month (196) employees will return to work on August 10th
  • August 7th will be the optional FLEX day
  •  June 3rd will be the backend of the Flex day
  • Students will return to school on August 24, 2020                                                                                                      
  • The pre-planning period will begin on August 10, 2020 through August 14th
  • Additional Covid PD days(4) will be August 18th- 21st
  • 6th grade and 9th grade orientations will be on August 17  ? change to Aug 21st
  • April 5th teacher work day ( previously day off)
  • June 3rd and 4th will be added as teacher workdays. June 2nd and 3rd Hurricane make-up
  • June 4 last teacher day( Flex option)

The following days will be added to student and teacher instructional days:

  • November 23, 24 Early dismissal        
  • Jan 4th student instructional day ( previously Teacher work day)
  • Feb 12th student instructional day (previously PD)


Get rid of August 27th Sept 23th and October 28th(all ER if necessary)


Teachers on an extended contract ( 201) will report to school on _____________

Teachers on extended contract (206) will report to school on ___________

  • Those teachers who have already reported due to the delay of the approval of this calendar will be given Flex days to be taken at their discretion.


This agreement has no impact to the pay schedule and all employees will receive paychecks according to the existing payroll schedule.


_____________________________________                       ___________________________________

Karen Resciniti, MCEA President                                                        Joe Rodowicz, Chief Negotiator MCSD



Board meeting Tuesday, 7/7 @ 4pm. You may submit letters to open to the public@

Governor passes HB641- Impacts on the Bargaining Unit Member Salaries

As many of you are aware, Governor DeSantis signed into law HB641 (minimum teacher pay law) this past week.  The information below seeks to educate MCEA members about the conditions of the law and how it may impact your salary.

Explanation of the Law:

  • The state legislature created a pot of funds that are earmarked exclusively to raise teacher salaries in the state of Florida.  These funds must be used explicitly as they are described in the statutory language of HB641.
  • Each school district in Florida received a specific amount of funds from this state-wide pot.
  • Each school district must first use 80% of the funds allocated to them to raise minimum classroom teacher salaries as high as possible, up to $47,500.  If enough money has not been allocated to reach $47,500, a district must use the 80% of their allocation to raise minimum classroom teacher salaries as close as they can to that level.
  • Each school district must use the other 20% of funds allocated to them to locally negotiate base salary raises for 3 groups of educators:
    • 1 – Those who received a minimum salary increase to get them to $47,500, but it was less than 2%. Therefore, a classroom teacher making $47,300 who gets a $200 raise to get to the new legal minimum salary, would also be eligible to be included in raises that come from the 20% pot.  Due to the low level of salary increase they received from the 80% pot.
    • 2 – Those who currently make more than $47,500 and received no raise from the 80% minimum salary level pot.
    • 3 – Those members of the The-Bargaining Unit who are not defined by state statute as a “classroom teacher.”  To be defined as a classroom teacher you must have student rosters attached to your name in classes that earn state approved credit for graduation purposes.  That is the simplest explanation of what the state defines as a “classroom teacher” vs those not defined as such.  Individuals in this group include but are not limited to media specialists, school counselors, certified pre-K teachers, occupational/physical therapists, etc.
  • The funds allocated this year for these raise purposes (minimum salary raises and veteran raises) automatically roll over into next year’s budget.  So, unless the legislature changes the law next year to cut teacher pay and eliminate these funds, these raises will be recurring and continue to be funded by the state.


Commentary from President Karen Resciniti on SB 641

  • Is SB 641 a good bill? Yes, and no. The MCEA/FEA and all locals across the state called for a 10% raise across the board for all educators. Our “ask” was not realized. However, the Governor’s original proposal did not include any funds for raises for non-classroom teachers or veteran teachers. The Governor has allocated 500 million dollars for teacher raises. Districts cannot divert the funds to other priorities and a good number of our members will get significant pay increases This is the largest increase in state funding that we’ve seen in decades.
  • The Governor’s raise is a big win for newer teachers! It is a slap in the face to our veteran force.  I cannot state strongly enough, it is more important than ever for us to stick together. Under the law, it awarded 80% of the 500 million dollars for new teachers, with a goal of $47,500. However, only classroom teachers with rosters tied to them will be eligible for these raises. The remaining 20% will go toward veteran teachers and teachers who do not qualify for the 80%. (non-classroom teachers). The increase will create salary compression, meaning teachers in their first 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years could end up earning the same salary. This is no one’s fault but the legislature.

 We cannot allow this STATE legislation to pit one group of teachers against the other. We must stay unified and continue to fight for what is right for ALL teachers.


  • Due to the fact that school grades and evaluations were suspended last year because of COVID-19 shutdowns, the Florida Department of Education suspended all evaluation based/merit pay laws for this coming year.  In doing so, for the first time in a decade, the ability to negotiate local raises is less restricted and more flexible for MCEA/MCSD.  This will offer an opportunity to try to balance out the raises we all receive when you combine the impact of the state funds and local funds for raises.  We must keep in mind that we are in the midst of a global recession. The MCEA team will work hard to get the MCSD to use local dollars to add to teachers raises to ensure equity in raises for all.


  • How will Martin be affected by SB 641? First, very few counties will be able to reach the benchmark goal of the Governor. He did not allocate enough money. The goal is to get “beginning teachers” as close as possible to $47,500. I believe that Martin will fall short, like most districts, and get half-way there. Martin County has received an allocation of $3,372,735. 80%, or $2,698,189 will go to raising starting salary. The remaining 20%, or $674, 547 will be slated for the group that is already under $47,500 and non-classroom teachers (guidance, coaches, media, etc.). According to last year's report, only 337/1290 teachers were making more than $47,500. Our team has requested the current  Bargaining Unit roster, with salaries, and will begin meeting as a team very soon.
Karen Resciniti, President

For more information and FAQs : https://feaweb.org/news/2020-legislative-session/faqs-about-the-legislatures-salary-plan/

School Recognition money (A+ money) vetoed for 2020-2021

One of the most common questions we get each Spring is: When will the A+ school recognition money be distributed and how much will it be?

 Because we know how important this money is to many of our members, we wanted to let you know as quickly as possible that the governor vetoed the school recognition funding from the budget. As a result, there will be no “A School” bonuses, or any other school recognition money for the 2020-21 school year. This, once again, demonstrates why it is essential that policymakers focus on putting money into permanent salary increases, not bonuses.


Will I still be receiving a bonus from the state?

No. Lawmakers repealed the Best and Brightest teacher bonuses this year, and moved all the funding from those performance-based bonuses into raises

MOU Voting- Please check your school email. There were three emails that went out about the voting. The link to voting can be found in the email sent on Thursday at 3:02. If you cannot find this email, click on "other" next to "focused".


Reconstruct-Ed March
May 15th, 2019-President, Karen Resciniti and VP Sue Rao along with EBoard members, Erica Fischer, Pat Holts and Marianne Vinette joined in the march to stand up for Public Education.

Members -

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2016 Retiree Insurance Benefit Changes

Creative Benefits Presentation

On September 28, Maggie Duke from Creative Benefits presented a check to MCEA. Creative Benefits are valuable partners that support teachers. Please click their link below  for Creative Benefits information, as well as information for Liberty Mutual and VALIC.
Creative Benefits for Educators partners exclusively with Liberty Mutal to help FEA members save $509 or more on auto insurance.* Call 855-514-6787 or visit Liberty Mutal in the link abouve to get a free quote. 
* Average annual savings based on countrywide survey of new customers from 8/1/15 to 8/1/16 who reported saving from prior premiums when they switched to Liberty Mutual.  Savings comparison does not apply in MA.
To ensure proper tracing of policies for MEMBER ONLY benefits, Liberty Mutual has assigned a toll-free number 855-514-6787 exclusively for Creative Benefits for Educators.

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Negotiation Updates

Bargaining Session # 5 Thursday, February 25  @ 4 p.m. 500 E. Ocean
                                  #6   Wednesday, March 4th @ 4 p.m. 500 E. Ocean

MCEA Mission Statement

MCEA is a not-for-profit professional teachers’ organization designed to advocate the advancement of a free public education for all; to empower and advance professional growth for educators; and to engage our members and our community in order to ensure that our students learn and succeed in a diverse world.

MCEA Executive Board Members 2019-2020

President - Karen Resciniti
Vice President - Sue Rao
Treasurer - Sara Patterson
Secretary - Lani Bartsch
Elementary - Pat Holts
Secondary / Middle - Erica Fischer
High - Marianne Vinette
Non-Traditional Schools - VACANT
At Large - Kelly Haddox,  Candace Morgester, Shelley Ponte

School Site Leaders 2019-2020

Admin Center - VACANT
Anderson Middle - Tonya Belvin
Bessey Creek - Dorothy Hyland, Kathy Ahern
Citrus Grove - Katherine Spohr
Crystal Lake - Sara Gast, Daniella D'Angelo
F.A. Williams - Carissa Berkely, Leah, Jaroszynski, Angela Roberts
Hidden Oaks - Susan Janasky
Hobe Sound - TBA
Indiantown Middle - vacant
J.D. Parker -  Maryann Williams, Corina Meldau
Jensen Beach Ele - Karol-Lynn Gebhardt, Jamie McNealy, Tammy Pendergast
Jensen Beach HS -  Cheryl Fabrizio,Maria Baxter
Martin County - Jamie Herd-Tesson, Bryan Johnson,, Matt Theobald, Jackie Kenna
Murray Middle - Ana Sahagun, Karen Kiehn, Arian Dineen
Palm City -  Cheryl Miranda
Perkins - VACANT
Pinewood - Jennifer Parker
Port Salerno - Joanne Dickinson, Teresa Soliman
Riverbend Academy - Easter Hartley
Salerno LC - Joanne Dickinson, Michelle Smith
SeaWind - Stephanie Ressler, Kendra Remian
South Fork - Hilary Pinder, Wendy Schepman, Shelby Hart, Mike Lavelle,Chad Stringer
Spectrum - Vacant
Stuart Middle - Dan Boyle
Warfield - Candice Krogh
Willoughby LC - VACANT

Congratulations to MCEA 2019/20 Teachers of the Year!

Danielle Collins -BCE
Dee Dee Bradley- CGE
Andraya Coyle- CLE
*Angie Roberts- FAWE  Teacher of the Year!
Lydia Wilson- HSE
Brooke Wojno- JBHS
Kelli Siters-MCHS
Elizabeth Atkinson- PCE
Sherri Saxton- PWE
Lisa Juarez- PSE
Evelyn Heintzelman- Riverbend Academy
Susan Swabb- SFHS
Annie Thomas- WES
*Jennie Bellone- WLC 
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