Contract Ratificaiton

The ratification vote held today resulted in 665 teachers voting. The contract was approved for ratification by 95% (632 votes) to 5% (33 votes). Thank you to all of the School Site Leaders for their time and effort in conducting the vote and in getting the ballots back to MCEA!
  We have a settled contract!!!! 
At about 5:00pm we signed the final agreement regarding salary and compensation.  The next step is for all of the language changes agreed to at the table and the salary and compensate piece to go up for ratification by all instructional contract employees. Next week we will publish the  entire package through your district email, personal email, on the MCEA website, and on the MCEA Bulletin Boards at school sites.
To answer the question you all are probably asking, “ What about the money?”
See below:
                   Effective        Highly Effective
Annual       $1200                $1500
PSC              $900                $1200
Title 1 Supplement for instructional staff at all Title 1 schools     $500
Reading Remediation Supplement (PSE)     $500
We are hoping to have the ratification vote the first week in October.  Then the contract will go before the school board on October 18 for approval.  Retro pay would come in the November 17 paycheck.
Congratulations to the MCEA Team for a timely conclusion and a huge thank you for giving of your time and talents to represent and bargain for your colleagues.  A special shout out for Rich Grady from FEA for his endless energy and commitment to MCEA throughout the bargaining process and for filling in on short notice.
Pam Miller
MCEA President

Supplement Committee Members Needed

School Site Leaders- Especially Middle School Leaders,

We have an opening on  the Supplement Committee for a middle school 
teacher.  The first meeting is this coming Tuesday at 4:00pm in Room 7 
of HR building.  It is important that you are represented on this 
committee.  If you would like to take the position or have questions 
please, email or call the office.


Beware of Politicians Bearing “Gifts”

The Florida Education Association and MCEA provide the best and broadest employment legal representation available to their members should they ever need it.

This rattles some public officials. That’s why in the last legislative session they revived a failed program to provide liability insurance for educators, earmarking $1.2 million for this in the Florida budget.

Supporters of this program have stated that the politicians’ purpose for passing it is an attempt to eliminate your union – particularly since FEA is the only statewide organization fighting the policies that hurt our students and our profession. Politicians think that this unneeded insurance is going to shrink our numbers, but the truth is your union offers far more than just insurance.And, during the five years the program was in effect a decade ago, our membership grew.


  • The program being funded is a failed program, which was in effect from 2001 through 2006 when it was finally repealed. A state study found that during the five years that this program was in effect, Florida spent $5.6 million in premiums to obtain claims payments of only $50,375. Obviously, there was no need for this coverage in the first place.
  • Disguised as a liability insurance program, this shady political move is in reality an attack on our union and our insurance programs.
  • Lawmakers expect this new coat of paint will fool you into accepting a “gift” that nobody wants or needs. However, we know you’ll see through their political games because you know that looks can be deceiving – and in this case, they are.
  • This program was repealed for good reason, and the ulterior motives for why they want to reinstate it are downright insulting: the politicians’ purpose for passing it is an attempt to eliminate your union. The FEA legal programs protect all members in employment-related disputes, employment criminal-related issues and provide access to attorneys for other professional, personal and union matters. They uphold the values and services important to educators like you.
  • FEA and MCEA will continue to provide you, and those who stand alongside you, the best legal services available. You’ve worked too hard to have politicians take that away and replace it with an inferior program that they know doesn’t work – all the while trying to sell it to you as a “gift.”


  • Politicians are trying to replace your liability insurance with a failed program disguised as a “gift”
  • This “gift” is intended to weaken teachers’ voices
  • FEA already provides you with the best coverage available

Let’s return this unopened present that we never asked for - and return the money to where it belongs, in our public schools.


Have you joined the MCEA Tiger Cope (Political Action Committee)?

2016 Retiree Insurance Benefit Changes





October 3 - No School

October 6 - Pay Day

October 11 - School Site Leader Meeting

October 12 - No School

October 14 - Contract Ratification Vote

October 20-22 - FEA DA

October 31 - Halloween / Early Release / EBoard meeting

October 20 - Pay Day


2012-2014 MCEA Contract

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Congratulations to MCEA Teachers of the Year!

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