Student Loan Forgiveness Assistance

AFT Lawsuit against Department of Education

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program was started in 2007 under the Bush Administration.

After 10 years, people who thought they were going to get the Public Service Loan Forgiveness were being denied; AFT filed a suit against the Department of Education. As a result of the lawsuit, the Department of Education has to:


1. Close loopholes that lenders were using to deny

2. Get "qualified" payments retroactively credited to your account 


Next Contract Negotiation Session

Session #14 April 12, 4:30

School Board Meeting Room
500 East Ocean Blvd, Stuart

Congratulations Martin County Teacher of the Year 2022, Jessica Urbay!

Congratulations Martin County 2022 Elementary, Middle School and High School Teachers of the year!


Congratulations Leigh Anne Pike! Martin County 2021 Teacher of the Year.



MCEA Executive Board 2021-2022

President - Karen Resciniti
Vice President - Sue Rao
Treasurer - Arian Dineen
Secretary - Lani Bartsch
Elementary - Pat Holts
Middle - Erica Fischer
High - Marianne Vinette
Non-Traditional Schools - Liz Wrocklage
At Large - Daniela D'Angelo, Jacqueline Kenna, Matt Theobald

Congratulations to MCEA Teachers of the Year

Tonya Belvin - AMS
Cynthia Ganther - BCE
Kelly DeGrazia - CLE
*Jessica Urbay - FAWElementary- TOY winner for District
Laura Bianco - HOMS - Winner for Middle Schools 
Rachel Hoilman - HSE
Sandra Racette - IMS
LaShawnda McNair - JDP
Nicole Lavelle - JBHS
Amy Jackson - PSE
Lauren Favors - SWE
Jeanine Bushman - SFHS- Winner for High Schools
Elliott Harris - WES
Lani Bartsch - WLC


MCEA is a not-for-profit professional teachers’ organization designed to advocate the advancement of a free public education for all; to empower and advance professional growth for educators; and to engage our members and our community in order to ensure that our students learn and succeed in a diverse world.

School Site Leaders 2021-2022

Admin Center - VACANT
Anderson Middle - Vonetta Allen
Bessey Creek - Leslie Reddinger
Citrus Grove - Katherine Spohr
Crystal Lake - Carolyn Jackson
F.A. Williams - Carissa Berkely
Hidden Oaks - Kelly Coleman, Melaina McDow
Hobe Sound - Sharon Javanovich
Indiantown Middle - VACANT
J.D. Parker -  Maryann Williams, Maya Gebus-Mockabee, Jill Cavolo
Jensen Beach Ele -  VACANT
Jensen Beach HS -  Cheryl Fabrizio, Daniel Gorostiaga
Martin County - Jamie Herd-Tesson, Bryan Johnson, Helen Dillon
Murray Middle - Ana Sahagun, Karen Kiehn
Palm City -  Cheryl Miranda
Perkins - VACANT
Pinewood - Jennifer Towell
Port Salerno - Joanne Dickinson, Teresa Soliman, Michelle Smith
Riverbend Academy - Easter Hartley
Salerno LC - Joanne Dickinson, Michelle Smith
SeaWind - VACANT
South Fork - Hilary Pinder, Shelby Hart, Lisa Craft, Mike Lavelle
Spectrum - VACANT
Stuart Middle - Dan Boyle, Mary Noorian
Warfield - Candice Krogh (temp)
Willoughby LC - VACANT