2014-2017 MCEA Contract

2016 Retiree Insurance Benefit Changes

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - September/October




September 19 - School Site Leader Meeting - 4:30

September 21 - No School

September 27 - Early Release

October 4 - Eboard Meeting - 4:30

October 9 - Negotiations - 4:30

October 16 - Negotiaitons - 4:30

October 18 - School Site Leader meeting - 4:30

October 19 - TENTATIVE MOU vote

October 26-28 - FEA Delegate Assembly

October 31 - Early release


Creative Benefits Presentation

On September 28, Maggie Duke from Creative Benefits presented a check to MCEA. Creative Benefits are valuable partners that support teachers. Please click their link below  for Creative Benefits information, as well as information for Liberty Mutual and VALIC.

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MCEA Mission Statement

MCEA is a not-for-profit professional teachers’ organization designed to advocate the advancement of a free public education for all; to empower and advance professional growth for educators; and to engage our members and our community in order to ensure that our students learn and succeed in a diverse world.

MCEA Executive Board Members 2017-2018

President - Karen Resciniti (SFHS) - JBHS, HOMS
Vice President - Mary Slavin (HSE) - PSE, JBE
Treasurer - Chad Stringer (SFHS) - AMS, MMS
Secretary - Julianne Gagliardo (CGE) - CGE, PCE
Elementary - Joyce Bussell (HSE) - HSE, BCE, PWE
Middle - VACANT
High - Bryan Johnson (MCHS) - MCHS, IMS, SMS
Non-Traditional Schools - Lani Bartsch (WLC) - RBA, SPEC, PERK, SLC
At Large - Candice Krogh (WFE) - WFE, CLE, FAWE, Pat Holts (SWE) - JDPE, VACANT - 

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