Photo Gallery

ReConstruct-ED Rally 2020

First Book event- June 2019 MCEA giving away 10,000 books to children in Martin County.



MCEA Executive Board Members 2022-2023

President - Karen Resciniti
Vice President - Matt Theobald
Treasurer - Arian Dineen
Secretary - Lani Bartsch
Elementary - Daniela D'Angelo
Middle - Erica Fischer
High - Marianne Vinette
Non-Traditional Schools - Liz Wrocklage
At Large - Pat Holts

Negotiation Dates

21-22 Bargaining Session #23
Monday, August 1, 2022
School Board Meeting Room

MCEA Mission Statement

MCEA is a not-for-profit professional teachers’ organization designed to advocate the advancement of a free public education for all; to empower and advance professional growth for educators; and to engage our members and our community in order to ensure that our students learn and succeed in a diverse world.
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