Student Loan Forgiveness Assistance

Help From AFT and Summer

What type of Loans Qualify?

- Direct & Direct Consolidation Loans

- FFEL & Perkins Loans

- Parent Plus Loans (previous payments do not qualify, but future will if consolidated)

AFT has partnered with a service provider Summer to HELP!

Confused about what to do next? Your union benefits are paying for you to use a loan servicer SUMMER to help you!


What you will need to create a free account

1. AFT member Number- need help? Click Here

MCEA's Local Number is 03615

2. Federal Student Aid or your borrowers Login and Password Information

Summer will analyze your accounts and find you the easiest way to repay at the lowest amount, AND keep an eye on your forgiveness status.


What will they do?

1. Check your eligibility Status on forgiveness

2. Compare your options

3. You sign and submit all documents online


Have questions for Summer? Email them directly:



MCEA Executive Board Members 2022-2023

President - Karen Resciniti
Vice President - Matt Theobald
Treasurer - Arian Dineen
Secretary - Lani Bartsch
Elementary - Daniela D'Angelo
Middle - Erica Fischer
High - Marianne Vinette
Non-Traditional Schools - Liz Wrocklage
At Large - Pat Holts

Negotiation Dates

21-22 Bargaining Session #23
Monday, August 1, 2022
School Board Meeting Room

MCEA Mission Statement

MCEA is a not-for-profit professional teachers’ organization designed to advocate the advancement of a free public education for all; to empower and advance professional growth for educators; and to engage our members and our community in order to ensure that our students learn and succeed in a diverse world.
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